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Hey guys,
I'm a newbie to this forum. So, I'm still working my way around here.
I do have a simple question though...what is the best and most accurate factory hunting ammo for my new Ruger Ranch Rifle?:confused:

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I would think a ballastic tip would do good.

the thing about ballastic tips is that they expand and fragment and make a bigger wound channel.

Hornady makes a specific whitetail bullet for the .223. its a 60 grain: 223 REM 60 GR InterLock SP American Whitetail.

then dynamic research technologies makes a 55 grain whitetail bullet.

you want either hollow points, soft point bullets, or ballastic tips.

ballastic tips make a bigger wound channel, because that plastic tip on the end of the bullet basically rips the lead bullet into many fragments when it makes contact, creating a big hole. never have used any, soft points are basically the same thing.

google .223 ammo for whitetails.

I personally wouldn't hunt a large game animal with a 223...... if your'e worried about the type of caliber your using, use a bigger caliber gun.

with the right bullet, it could easily take down a large deer. 55 grain, up to 62 grain sierra bullets with a soft point or hollow point is from what I found online to be suitable for hunting deer with.

for hogs the 223 would be awsome.

in VA 223 arent allowed for hunting deer, but in other states like WVA its required to use hollow points or soft point bullets.
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