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so i just posted this one in the shotgun forum, too, but thought i'd give it a go here and see what thoughts people have.

i've just been shooting trap for about two months now. trying to get out and do it every week or two. i'm still DEFINITELY a beginner as far as my accuracy goes, so maybe this doesn't even make a difference until i get more proficient, but i'm wondering if i'm using the best load for what i've been trying to accomplish.

so far i've just been buying the cheap bulk boxes of federal from walmart, 2.75in., 7 1/2 shot. on bobski's recommendation i bought a box of winchester, but haven't gotten to try it yet.

but in addition to just plain shooting as often as i can, should i be looking at a specific load or loads to improve performance?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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