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tbk3191, Welcome to the forum and congratulations on your new pistol.

In addition to the above suggestions, I've found that in 9mm, short barrel pistols, Speer Gold Dots, and Federal HST 124gr perform well and rate highly in "stopping power" i.e. ballistic results.

Of course these are all self defense Jacketed Hollowpoint (JHP) expansion type rounds, which is what you want to carry. However, they're all expensive rounds. So, I highly recommend you stop at Wallmart and purchase a couple of boxes of 100 round, bulk packed, "practice" ammo. Either Winchester White Box (WWB) or Federal FMJ would be fine. And, a box of a hundred is only a few bucks more than a box of 20 of the aforementioned "self defense" ammo. In fact, in the case of the Federal Bulk Pack, maybe a few bucks cheaper. :) (As of this month, a box of 100 WWB is $22,97 and a box of100 of Federal FMJ is $19.97)

Now, after you've practiced with the "cheap stuff" and you're ready to load 'er up with your carry ammo i suggest the following:

Buy a box of whichever JHP you decide on, Shoot a full magazine of those to familiarize yourself with the extra punch and more importantly, to insure they function perfectly in your LC9. Then, from the same box, load up you carry mag.(s) And you're good to go. :)

Good luck with your new shooter. We'll be looking for a "Range Report".
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