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Shoot a full magazine of those to familiarize yourself with the extra punch and more importantly, to insure they function perfectly in your LC9.
I recommend you shoot more than one magazine of your chosen defense ammo. In an LC9 that's only seven rounds, huh? I know they're expensive, but this is your LIFE you're puttin' on the line, Son. I'd shoot at least the whole box o' 20 or 25.

And my favorite carry load, Remington's Golden Saber 147-grain, is on sale now on several web sites at about $13 a box. They come in 124-grain standard and +P, too, if you're so inclined. My FBI buds tell me it's good stuff.

And change out your carry load for fresh ammo occasionally, too, maybe once a year. A few bucks ain't worth takin' a chance.
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