I'm looking for a set of Ruger factory Blackhawk grips,New Model XR3-red. Maybe one of you guys took a set off and installed some custom grips. I just want a set of the factory plastic grips with the Ruger emblem like the ones pictured below.

I'm willing to buy or trade. In terms of trade I won't list every single extra grip I've got but in short I've got extra grips for the following; Service/Security Six, Alaskan/Super Redhawk/GP100, Bearcats, Bisley, LCR, P series (P90), SR22 small grip, S&W K or L frame, Rossi, and I think that's it. If you've got what I'm looking for and are looking for some grips from what I have listed shoot me a PM.

I may have a set of Chigs grip inserts somewhere but I think I did a karma giveaway years ago.