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I got out to test some more loads through the .264 Win Mag this morning. The first three test loads had fed, fired , and ejected fine but accuracy was less than stellar. I had hoped I could get to book max as listed by Hornady. They published 66.1 gr of Ramshot Magnum as maximum with their 140gr SST bullet. I had loads of 65.8gr and 66.1gr with me today. The 65.8gr load shot into 2 inches without any issues. I shot other guns while the barrel cooled. The first shot with the 66.1gr load resulted in difficult bolt lift. Yanking it up and back ejected a case with obvious problems. The case had partial head separation with a crack about half way around the circumference in front of the belt. I did not attempt to fire any more of those. I will pull the bullets and recycle the components. I will stay with the 65.8gr charge as it has good power View attachment 186527
and acceptable accuracy for my needs.
View attachment 186528 View attachment 186529
I have never fired a .264 win mag, or any belted case round, but my gut kinda wants to ask could it have been a bad case?
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