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From your post I cannot tell what your rifle knowledge is so I am going to assume it is limited, no offense intended.

Before you go calling Ruger it is important to understand the difference between a "controlled round feed" and a "push feed" action. Ruger, Winchester and Mauser are typically of the controlled round feed style while Remington, Savage, Browning and others are typically a push feed action. On a Push Feed action you can lay the loaded cartridge on top of the magazine feeding rails or slide it in the chamber and the bolt will close just fine. With one of the controlled round feed actions if you try to chamber a round by simply laying it on top of the magazine or sliding the cartridge into the chamber it will cause the rather substantial extractor to have to ride up over the rim of the cartridge making it difficult, perhaps impossible to close the bolt to a firing position.

To properly load a Ruger Hawkeye lay the loaded round on top of the magazine follower and with your thumb press the round down into the action below the feed rails. Now when you push the bolt forward the cartridge rim will slide up under extractor (between the front of the bolt face and the rear of the extractor in CONTROL of the bolt) and should chamber properly.

If at this point you still have a problem you might want to have a local smith check it out with a set of go / no go gauges to determine if the problem is the ammo or the chamber of the rifle.
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