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So I've got a used Ruger NM Single Six that only came with the 22 LR cylinder. Recently I was looking into getting a .22 Mag cylinder for it and came across this site Borchardt Rifles - Ruger Cylinders they claim to make drop in replacement cylinders. I called and chatted with them, they seemed very knowledgeable. They claim to not need the original gun to make the cylinder work i.e. no fitting or timing required. The gentleman I chatted with said that they test all their cylinders in 6 different Single Sixes before shipping them, and that if there is any issues they'll gladly take the cylinder back and send a new one. Anyone have any experience with the company? I know sometimes you can get lucky buying cylinders on Ebay and get one to drop in, but I was under the impression that most had to be fitted/timed to they revolver.
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