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So I've got a used Ruger NM Single Six that only came with the 22 LR cylinder. Recently I was looking into getting a .22 Mag cylinder for it and came across this site Borchardt Rifles - Ruger Cylinders they claim to make drop in replacement cylinders. I called and chatted with them, they seemed very knowledgeable. They claim to not need the original gun to make the cylinder work i.e. no fitting or timing required. The gentleman I chatted with said that they test all their cylinders in 6 different Single Sixes before shipping them, and that if there is any issues they'll gladly take the cylinder back and send a new one. Anyone have any experience with the company? I know sometimes you can get lucky buying cylinders on Ebay and get one to drop in, but I was under the impression that most had to be fitted/timed to they revolver.
Yes, last year I bought three ejector rods with the large round 'bullseye' button and ejector rod housing for three of my 7.5" blued Super Blackhawks. All were made in their shop, bluing was beautifully done. The price was right, too. There was a bit of a delay filling my order and someone before me bought out their entire inventory of these. The wait was worth it. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I am will be orderin a fourth ejector rod plus housing and am considering one of their 44 Special cylinders. Their products are hand made and in demand from seriouus shooters so you may have to wait.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts