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Bore snake success!

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I picked up a new bore snake today for my new S&W SD9, and wow, what a difference it makes. I was using Ballistol and Hoppers along with patches and my barrel just was not looking all that great. Two pass troughs with the new snake and whoa! Looks like a mirror inside. Much, much easier and faster.

I'd been using one on my .22 rifles, but I don't really have a good way of seeing inside the bore.

Those things really work!
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I'm glad the 'Snake is working so well for you! That's almost all I use for routine cleaning, too, unless/except if I have a problem fouler.

As far as brushing goes, I've often wanted to try the newer Bore Snakes (Viper, I think they're called?) that have a ton more brush bristles. If a person wants more brushing, they may be just the ticket.
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