Have a 32-20/32h&r magnum, and a 38-40/10mm for sale. As-new with boxes, papers etc. shipper sleeve for the latter. 1988-ish guns, All steel, extra polish, the best Blackhawks ever made IMHO.
2100 for both, USPS MO please. Add $40 if your ffl requires a sending ffl...

Also selling one 44-40/44 magnum (Jerry's) convertible. Unfired, anib, complete. Pretty hard to find, a very limited gun that followed the Buckeye series in the '80s.
$1800 shipped.
Add $40 if your ffl requires a sending ffl.
Can ship directly to your Arizona residence of course.

Three guns, six - nine calibers! $399 in 1988 equals $989 today.
Pics by text if I cannot add them here. Guaranteed happiness!
Going to gun show soon so don't delay! 😉😉😉