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Bushnell TRS-25 dial problem.

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My old (the better design) TRS-25 has developed a problem.

The intensity dial is working loose. As a result, it's not making contact 100% of the time and if I push on it, the thing turns on again. I take a shot, it's bounced out a little, contact is broken and it turns off. Press on it again and it comes back on... and so on.

This is "only" a $50 optic, so it's not the end of the world, but because it's a $50 sight that works well for me, I'd like to repair it. It's well out of warranty (its the old/original design) so I guess I am the one with the screwdriver now... :)

I have yet to open the dial (and see what's going on) but has anyone else had this and is it as simple as removing the battery and tightening up a screw or am I in for a Masters degree level of mechanical engineering if I try it?
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Well now, Perhaps this answers my own question... It's a pick AND screwdriver problem that needs 6 screws tightening up?

So then. What i did to fix this (yes, it's fixed).

Take the battery out and there is a "circlip" that unscrews, not a spring clip arrangement. It has two indents for a special tool that only Bushnell will have... Pah!

Just take a jewelers screwdriver small enough to fit into one of the square cut outs in the clip and with some effort, it'll unscrew up and out of the screw thread that the battery cover unscrewed through.

There for all its glory are the six screws involved. On mine;

ONE of the screws was not fully inserted and and was bent over so was lying on its side inside the device. Looks like it really is hand assembled or perhaps was machine assembled and nobody was watching a crappy process as the sight performed under test.

Another of the screws was very lose and tightening it up again did the trick.

I also applied a tiny dab of Locktight Blue to it's thread, as I don't really want these to come lose again. All the others were snugly in, so I left them alone, even the bent over one. A case of poor QC or just what you get from Chinese junk for $50? Both perhaps? "Poor show" Bushnell. Your reputation is better than this!

Reassembly is the reverse of disassembly and I tested it as per the video before final assembly and everything performs as expected. The '0' position is off and the the dial functions to increase the intensity when turned, as before.

Just be aware that there are a couple of versions for the internal arrangement and you should be good to go.
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Good to know in case my unit starts to fail

Good to know in case my unit starts to fail

Most welcome.

It wasn't too hard to do, just a little different from what I was expecting until I worked out to unscrew the clip thing.
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