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I was working yesterday, (commercial bus driver) had a College Wrestling team to a tourney in Kutztown PA. Basically drop them off in the morning and pick them up later that day, had the whole morning/afternoon to myself. I went to Hamburg store.

I have been thinking about getting to Cabelas for a while, I have a few items on my mind that I've been thinking about and just waiting to have a trip nearby either Wheeling or Hamburg to go. Items on the mind: gun belt, triple K belt for a triple K holster I already own, wanted to see/touch/feel flip up scope covers for a scope I own that is for a future project, try on tactical/cargo pants, rugs to complete/enhance my home, and just general shopping in the used gun library, replacement stocks for 10/22's etc.

Belts: as far as a Cabela branded gun belt, nothing on hand that met the need in a leather belt and did not have on hand the triple K belt I sought for my holster. They do carry an extra stiff nylon fire hose type belt that has a fold over velcro closing system, only comes in black $25, thought it was a bit too pricey for no choice in color in nylon, called the last chance belt? Very nice quality.

Cargo/Tactical. Everyone makes those pants, few do it very well. I have been doing a few searches. I have owned a few, BDU types, unimpressed with the value to quality ratio, decided that I wanted to see the top 3 names in one place: 5.11, TruSpec and Blackhawk! Right away I can see that Blackhawk! pants (for me) are hands down the best made most functional of the 3. 5.11 look like Mom jeans with the exposed elastic waistband, where Blackhawk! is hidden and slides nicely to expand/contract. I'll be buying in the future. Speaking of slidng waistband pants, a good quality flat front khaki(tan/string/blue/black) with this same type of slider waistband that is great for the IWB carry guys is the Walmart branded George Premium. You buy the correct size for yourself, not the next size up and the pants fit correctly. You don't end up looking like a wanna be gangsta rapper with ill fitting pants.

What I noticed mostly about the Cabela branded clothing is it is all cotton garbage, just low quality stuff. The Woolrich stuff is good, Blackhawk! good, etc. Poly fleece and cotton, bad combination for trying to stay warm when it is cold out.

Gun library: pricey stuff, no real deals to be found. Just depends upon what you think is a good deal and where you are in relationship to your search for a particular gun. I did not find any 10/22 accessories that caught my eye. I'm still on the fence with the scope caps.

Rugs: looked nice, low quality, don't look like they would hold up for long. Woolrich also makes them, I may have to take a closer look at those. Higher priced though.

A few other things I asked about I was told "online only", so why go to the store? Perhaps it was just a case of the items I wanted to see/touch/feel were not in store items, but I think I would rather shop Midway or elsewhere vs the time and gas expense of going to Cabelas. Also, the local to me Wheeling store has the DC right behind the store so the advantage exists that I can go to the store, find the item and if on line only will probably be in the DC nearby. I can pay in store, drive over to DC and see/touch/feel and decide yay or nay.
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