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Can y'all REALLY stand one more Okie?

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Hey fellas! I found this great site last night while browsing around. Very nice setup! All the whistles and bells seem to work too! [^]

I live in northeast Oklahoma very close to one of the state's premier lakes. Born and raised here I recently moved back 3 years ago after living in Wisconsin for 20+ years. The winters were just becoming to longgggg.

The only thing that I have changed since movin, I now do my reloading during the hot summer months and shoot during the cooler months. Vice versa in Wis!

Also, Oklahoma is a much more gun friendly state! Beautiful country up there in Wisconsin, but the politicians tend to be more anti 2nd Amendment.

Another thing... here I can watch my favorite college football team just about every weekend! :D BOOMER SOONER!!!

I've posted a pic in the Gallery of Guns of my trio of .32s. Hope you enjoy. Looking forward to chattin' with y'all! :D
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quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Hey Dude! :D Its about time! Good to see you again!
quote:Originally posted by rugerguy

John , nice to see you over here. Keep in touch and yes, well be coming to Tulsa in October!!;)
Dan, What kind of goodies are you gonna bring to Tulsa??? :)

I'm still looking for a .32 mag, 4 5/8" with adjustable sights.
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