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I thought I would float this concept to the forum. Apologies in advance if this has been done before my joining...

Does anyone currently use a rifle scabbard for their PC or RR? Recs would be welcomed if you've got something that is well sorted.

I've contacted a small company regarding the possibility for a scabbard to fit the Ruger, Police Carbine/Ranch Rifle series. They recontacted me and asked for some drawings as to what I had envisioned. My PC-4 is wearing an EOTech 500 series and I want to keep it and a 10 round mag in it while holstered/scabbarded. I drew up the outline, provided measurements, and digital pics and am awaiting their reply.

I'd really like to be able to go Truck to Car to Motorcycle/ATV to Boat to Horse with the weapon system encased...for ~$125.00.

We'll see what presents..:cool:..
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