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Cars In Heaven

One day two Men died and went to Heaven,where the first man met St.Peter at the pearly gates. He then informed them depending on how they lived would determind what kind of car they would get to drive around heaven in.

Saint Peter looked at the first man and said to him, "You were a good husband to your wife and you never cheated on her and you raised your kid with good morals and values, so you get a Rolls Royce."

The second man met St. Peter, and he said, "Lets take a look at your life. You cheated on your wife one time,then you repented and you were a good husband to your wife and a good father to your kids, so you get a Cadillac to drive up here in Heaven."

Later the man in the Rolls Royce saw the man with the Caddy sitting on a street corner crying his eyes out. The man asked the other man if he was crying because he got a Caddy instead of a Rolls, because a Caddy is still a nice car. The man said said no he just saw his wife go by in a Ford Pinto!

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