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It was a face that most people would call a poker face, as it was hard to read unless you knew what to look for. David had the advantage over most people, not only was he Brandon's Son, but also because he was just like his Father. The two of them could read each other's attitudes and almost each other's thoughts. This was most apparent when the two of them were working together on some project around the farm. They could go for hours at a time and not say anything to each other and constantly be in synch with one another on whatever they were working on.

It was especially unnerving to Michelle when she and David first started dating. One day she decided to take the two of them something to drink when they were replacing an engine on an old tractor thet they were restoring. Thinking she would suprise them, she walked around out of site and when she was in earshot, all she heard was the clanking of metal on metal from the wrenches being used on the old Farmall. After listening for a couple of minutes and sneaking to the barn door watching them she finally heard her future Father in Law say " That's a good idea Son, we should do that". To which brandon replied " It would take some doing though".
Then silence again. After waiting for anymore conversation and not hearing any, she gave them their glasses and walked back up to the house.

That Evening when David was taking her home, she asked him about the conversation. " What were you and your Dad talking about that was such a good idea?"
" It was about building an addition to one of the barns." David replied.
"When did you say anything about a barn?" Michelle asked
"This morning" was David's answer.
With frustration setting in, Michelle asked " How did you know what he was talking about?"
" I dunno, I just did" was the simple reply.
Not satisfied with this simple answer she continued " You mean to tell me that you can spend all day working with your Dad, not say a dozen words to each other and you know exactly what he's talking about when he says something?"
David, taking a deep breath, replied " I guess so, we've always been that way with each other. We can answer a question without it being asked and can start back on a conversation that is hours or days old."
" You are not right" was all she could think to say.

" Glad to see you could make it over this evening David"
"No problem Dad" David replied to his Father, continuing "What's up, what did you and Mom want to see us about?"
" Well, there's a couple of things I wanted to talk to you about, the first thing is that your Mother and I are going to be out of town on vacation pretty soon and was wondering if you could check on the Place from time to time while we are gone." Brandon said.
"It's about time you went on Vacation, and yes, I'll be happy to keep an eye on things while you are gone. Where are you and Mom going?" David asked
"Well, I was going to wait until we were inside, but I'll go ahead and tell you" Brandon said, continuing " We are going on a trip across the Country and just do a little sight seeing. We are leaving in a couple of weeks and will be gone a Month or so."
Right through Deer Season, David thought.
"Right through Deer Season" his Father echoed. " I'm sorry, but I won't be around to hunt with you this year, and there won't be any chores for you to do while I'm gone so you just spend your time Hunting."
" Well Dad" David said " That brings up something I wanted to ask you. John Miller and I were thinking about taking a little trip this year and wanted to know what all you needed done so I could get started on it and free up some time to go."
" Where are you going to?" Brandon asked with a smirk.
David, who couldn't help but smile, said " Up to Michigan and across the Bridge to the U.P. , probably over to the Seney Swamp."
" That should be quite an adventure" Brandon said , continuing " That are is just as rough and wild as when your Grandpa and I hunted it years ago."
" Well" David said " I'm going to need some pointers on where to go and what to take. I know we've been up there during the Summer,but never during Deer Season"
" Let's head up to the house, so your Mom can tell you about all the nitpicking details of the trip and I'll dig out some of the stuff your Grandpa gave me about hunting there." Brandon said.

Inside the House they found the two Women in an animated conversation about the upcoming trip. Talking as much with their hands as their mouths.
" If the two of you had to sit on your hands....." Brandon started
" You two would never be able to talk" David said, finishing his Father's statement.
" Leave us alone" Michelle and Lynn said in unison. Michelle added " Just go and do your Guy things and talk about hunting"
" Sounds like a plan to us" David said. With that, they went to Brandon's office in the Basement of the house and did exactly that.

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Thanks for the comments guys. My little obsession is coming along pretty good, I have about 250 pages wrote so far, all the way to where they get..... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Thanks again for the interest.
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