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Alright, here's my design for a scabbard/holster for a Ruger Charger with Holographic sight. It can be attached to a saddle, atv, etc. You can also attach a sling and carry it however you'd like.

It turned out to be pretty lightweight and tough. I double stitched the leather with hemp and molded it. Its got excellent retention. You can hold it upside down without that strap and it doesn't fall out.

I know it may look kind of rough, but I'm still tinkering with it. I'd like to add a couple more rings, maybe switch to smaller sized ones. What do you guys think? Keep in mind this is my fourth attempt at leather craft, with minimal tools and supplies, so cut me some slack. lol


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Welcome from Australia mate.
Glad to have you on board, nice folk here and lots of good info.
It's rewarding to make your own gear, better done than I could have.
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