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Hi all. I'm coming here from Looks like a great site . I only own one Ruger pistol at the moment but looking forward to picking up a revolver soon.[8D]
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Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to have you here...
Welcome !!! Don't worry about having one Ruger. After you see all the pretty ones that some of the Members has, you'll be looking for another one. Glad to have you here. :)
Welcome aboard!!! Thats right, cause like most people out there, you can never have to many guns!
Welcome aboard from the Bluegrass State, glad to have you with us.
Warmest of welcomes from Connecticut, hope you enjoy the fellowship here and are active in the forums, great people and great guns, once again, welcome,
welcome glad to have ya with us.
Welcome from the State of Discombobulation. :)
Don't know how this got so late, but welcome from MN
Welcome from KY!
Welcome aboard, glad to meet you, hope you enjoy it here,jump right in anytime.
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