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What kind of smoke to you like as far as cigar's go?? I like the Bolivar my self.
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I like red dot Cohibas, Hoyo De Monterrey Excaliber 1066's but my favorites are Upmanns! :D
Heavy J, my wife buys mine on line and they usually run under $5 each. She got my last Upmanns for $60 a box (25) and she found a deal on crystal red dot Cohibas for $2.60 ea shipped. :D
quote:Originally posted by Heavy J

2400...Is she ordering through J&R?, I thought I would try and order through the internet but I would be afraid and get some cigars that are dried out.
We tried them and they SUCK!
quote:Originally posted by Heavy J

That is what I would be afraid of, then I would be stuck with a box of cigs that I could not use. I have heard of putting a cigar in a baggy with a slice of apple inside with it and let it set for about a half a day and the cigar will come back to life.
There isn't much of a problem with dry cigars ordering off the web. If they are dry just put them in a cigar box with a damp sponge for a while.

My comment regarding J&R sucking was for their service. I ordered from them twice and both times they screwed up the order and substituted their own brand of cigars for the ones I ordered. It took forever to get them to send a call tag and my money back. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever order from them again.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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