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Cleaning ABC's

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Any good web page or DVD showing cleaning and lubing of a P95? [?]
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I am using Outter's Nitro Solvent on the barrel, and Break Free CLP on the rest of the frame and slide... and a couple of drops of Rem Oil on the slide guides and channels, just to keep the slide running smooth... So far so good...

Look here for a PDF that covers Semi-Auto Cleaning tips...
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I've used the Hoppes #9, but switched to Outters because it comes in a spray can, a lot less mess. I have long guns to clean also, so the spray with the extension tube works good for me...

+1 on easy with the bore brushes...
Yes... Don't use the Birchwood Casey Scrubber on the polymer frame... It bleaches the plastic white... Use CLP on the frame...
quote:Originally posted by rman

Birchwood Casey does make a 'Polymer Safe' gun scrubber now. It comes in a white can and seems to work good. I've used it on my KP95 and KP97 with no discoloration. They still make both kinds, so watch what you buy if you want to use on plastic frames.
I heard on the "other" forum that it bleaches as well... hear say... but to be safe, I use BreakFree CLP... and it works for me.
With the onset of winter and cooler temps, I'd shy away from using any kind of grease... Your milage may vary... My 2 cents.
1 - 5 of 30 Posts
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