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Cleaning ABC's

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Any good web page or DVD showing cleaning and lubing of a P95? [?]
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I've used both solvents at one time or another, I think gun solvents are about the same. Wet a patch and run it down your barrel a coupla times then run clean patches down the barrel till they come out fairly clean. Wet a patch with any of the variety of gun oils and run it down the barrel and then a clean patch a coupla times. Its very important to keep the slide guides and channels clean and lightly oiled or it might start failing to extract or feed, especially in cold weather. Keep a very light coat of oil or something else they might recommend in the gun shop to protect the finish of the gun. Every now and then I clean my internal parts with aerosol cleaner and then spray some aerosol protectant in their and blow dry after each application. Don't need to brush you barrel after each use. you'll get the hang of it.
Spray cans make it a lot easier and quicker. They make a lot of gadgets now that make it easier like the tipton gun vise I got a coupla years ago. I have 3 pistols and 3 wheel guns and Bunzo is right about getting to know your guns by field stripping etc. My autos are berretta, browning and sig and they are all different
1 - 2 of 30 Posts
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