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Clinton on Fox News Sunday

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Did any of you guys catch Clinton making a horse's rear out of himself on Fox News Sunday? Wonder what the press' reaction would be if Bush treated a reporter like that?
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Klinton doesn't trip my trigger. But if I had known he was gonna make himself out to be the south end of a north bound horse, I would have tuned in!

Maybe I can catch it on the replays! [8D]
Just click the link up in my original post, Ruger Packer.
Kinda like Popeye- he are what he are and that's all that he are-you were expecting maybe an honest, open, responsible conversation?
What a jerk. Can you just see Hillary as prez. [Total Disaster]
Of the PTA.
I just can't make time for a guy like him. He makes me sick, and she makes me down right ill.
It makes me down right ill that she got elected to sennetor. If she gets nominated the good people better not stay at home on election day. Remember how close the last two elections were, its scary.
You hit it on the head-I've felt for years that if there were to be another Boston Tea Party-noone'd show up-they'd stay home and watch it on CNN-we need to become a nation of doers instead of watchers...too many don't vote-but jump to criticize everything their vote could have changed. One vote is so very important.
I feel I don't have the right to say anything if I don't vote. I vote on all the elections every time the polls open. That is one of the few rights we have left. Most of the time less than 1/2 the registered voters vote, and a lot are not registered.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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