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Just joined this forum today and I'm kind of surprised that there is no "Competition" sub-forum. Since Ruger is now fielding a shooting team and concentrating on developing firearms suitable for the various competitive disciplines, there should be a place on this forum where the competition community, and those interested in competing, could interact.

I shoot IDPA, USPSA and ICORE. I am using a GP100 Match Champion in 10mm for IDPA. I am using Federal SynTech .40 S&W 205 grain ammunition loaded into Ranch Products moon clips. My gunsmith - formerly of Team S&W and now of Team Ruger has done some minor work on my GP100 - springs and sights, and I'm adapting to it quite well. I'll confess to using brand "S" for USPSA and ICORE, but I like my Ruger and shooting .40 S&W for IDPA.

We need to encourage more people to get involved in the shooting sports, and having a virtual meeting place is one way to achieve that.


Pizza Bob
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