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Good stuff Al. I would only add that PayPal is not just a poor choice it's actually not even an option at all. PayPay policy bans the use of PayPal related to the sale of firearms. Accessories are OK but not actual guns. I learned this the hard way. The first online gun purchase I made was through GunBroker and the seller stated he accepted PayPal. So I made the payment through PayPal and somehow it got flagged in the PayPal system and couldn't go through. The seller didn't know and I didn't either. We worked it out with a wire transfer and we both kept our heads and our patience but it didn't make for a very smooth transaction for sure. Besides charging higher fees PayPal is clearly anti-gun and for that reason alone I would avoid using them. Unfortunately there are not better alternatives in the world of eBay, etc. Even my son's Little League uses PayPal for registration fees - you can't seem to avoid it.
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