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That didn’t work out quite right cuz I tried to put two spaces between characters, but the server just closed it up.

I am the (former) KB8SV, now inactive.
The original message says……”this is WB6CES.”

I forgot the "e" after the "d" in my response. de is an abbreviation for this is.
It’s hard to read Morse code on paper because it is a code of sound and not sight. That’s why I tried to leave 2 spaces between characters but it didn’t work.

I used to be able to copy W1AW @ 20 wpm, but not any more!

You 6s still in California?
If there is no space between characters, you can’t tell where one character leaves off and another starts. That’s why one person can look and see one thing and someone else another. You have to hear it to tell, erspecially if you have bifocals that don’t work particularly well.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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