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As Baldy said, folks actually believe the stuff on the CSI shows is real, and they expect every PD in the country to be doing that stuff now.

We actually had a confession in a burglary where the perp decided to take his chances at trial. Good for him that he did as the jury let him go because we didn't find his fingerprints in the crime scene. The guy had told us that he knocked out a window, reached in and unlocked the door, and then picked up a few items and left.

The gun stuff in some of the shows and movies crack me up sometimes. I watched The Sentinelthe other day, and one of the USSS agents was jumping a local cop's case as to whether or not a murdered agent had gone for his weapon. The agent said that murdered agent could not have gone for his gone as the safety was still on and that USSS agents were taught to "flip" the safety while drawing instead or drawing and then "flipping" the safety as "most local cops are taught" in order to cut down on NDs.

I guess nobody told the writers that the USSS caries Sigs without safeties therefore no safety to "flip" and that over 70% of the cops in the US carry Glocks which also don't have a manual safety. The rest the carry TDA are pretty much always taught to carry with the safety lever in the fire position. According to the S&W factory guy that taught my armorers class, he knew of only one agency that required its officers to carry TDA with the safety lever engaged.
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