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Hey guys, well since I got my first handgun - SR9C - I wanted to get a good holster to conceal it. I did a lot of searching online, YouTube watching, forum reading, etc and saw a number of great suggestions. I was chatting about my new gun with my barber, and he told me how his son makes custom holsters as a side job (he's a detective here locally), so I got in contact with him about making me a conceal IWB holster.

The only design preferences I gave him was that I wanted it black leather, and to sit deep in the waist band, because a Blackhawk holster I had now made it stick out too far above the waist of my jeans. I also wanted a slide guard (or sweat shield) to keep the slide from rubbing on my skin. I dropped my pistol off to him on Monday afternoon so he could mold a holster from it, and yesterday (Tuesday) he called me that he was done. Talk about fast service!

I wasn't available to get it from him until today (Wednesday) and I was very impressed! His leather is top quality and it is very very comfortable to wear. Not only that, it rides deep in the waist band for very great concealment.

Well, to top it off ... He said his father told him I'm a youth pastor (to which I confirmed) and he said that he respected my field of work and to show appreciation for what I do, he made me a second holster for free. I was blown away. The second holster is absolutely beautiful, dark brown leather, but instead of the normal clip, it has the two snap loops for the belt.

I'm going to try to post pictures of these holsters because I think they're too beautiful to not show off, lol ... and I just wanted to share my good fortune and how awesome these custom holsters are. There's something a bit more meaningful when someone custom makes one for you personally, rather than buying one from a mass production site. Just my opinion anyways.

BTW - the charge for the black one was $75 or 100 rounds of ammo and $50. I opted for the ammo plus $50 .. Not bad for what ended up being a buy one/get one deal :)

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