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DAO or Hammer?

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I have been thinking about trading in my SP101 for a SP101 DAO. I think a hammerless design would be more comfortable while driving.

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I use IWB almost all the time (hot Texas) and sometimes feel the tip you spoke of-I set the clip lower on the holster and the gun rides 1-2" lower and snug-still real easy to access. I just had my M65 hammer bobbed--I've bobbed M60 and Speed-Six, too-still have single action if necessary-easy to start back with the trigger and pull hammer to cock-easy to set down. I wouldn't give up my SP101 to find a DAO-might buy the one you spoke of as a "New York Reload", though..
All my qualifying and practice for 35 years has been DAO-kinda don't miss easy cocking and can easily cock a bobbed hammer for a long shot when necessary-got tired of scars on my belly early on from the hungry hammer.
You keep wavin' that .45 around, it's gonna cost me money---never got over the divorce between me & my Satin Nickel Combat Commander...she's been gone since 78 and I still miss her late at night.
No, mine was the all-steel Combat Commander---and had a hand made by Jim Clark right side safety lever-before they were commercially available-he machined it and drilled, tapped, and screwed it to the existing safety's post-lasted almost 6 years before shearing from recoil and stress.....gotta have another someday-probably a Springfield.
Before I answered, I took the trouble to look under "What I carry" and you carry an ALLOY frame Commander-size .45-mine was COMBAT Commander-the all-steel.Commander refers to alloy frame-they look alike-yours made me miss mine---ain't no thang!!!
Now I gotta tell ya a story-I had the all-steel-a rookie had your alloy frame-couldn't hit jack with it and kept wanting to shoot mine---I loaded both-held them with thumb and one finger and emptied them---asked him which kicked more-cured him instantly-he started shooting his just as well though lighter...not sure that'd work with a Ti frame, though-hope they never make one in 1911-style. I always hit better with the C.Commander-length barrel than full-length--do you?
You say you have an all-steel Colt that you don't need? My ears aren't that good-but did you say that? Ouch-I heard THAT response. I like a heavy gun-to an extent-love the feel of strength in steel, though I don't think I've ever heard of a quality alum frame "wearing out"...
Shore did-accidentally-went out to play ball and allofasudden that window just jumped up there in front of the ball------Sorry.:D
I outrank you----we're going to Samoa-I've ALWAYS wanted Samoa!!! Oops-I don't outrank you anymore-wouldn't you like Samoa????
DEAL! Down Under Model w/straps and leather between hammer and body made for SP101 2" hope this gets us off KP.;)
I knew you were good on the computer, but I didn't know you could hack into my school records-don't tell everyone which grade, OK?;)
I'm with you-had my M60 bckup , my SpeedSix 4", and my M65 3" all bobbed-love it that way-easy to cock if a long shot is needed. You're too late to convince the Colonel, though-he done gone wild and dumped his SP and bought some baaaaaaad-lookin .45 auto that looks like it'd fit in his shirt pocket....he must have gotten a bad fever...
Same like I used to teach my rookies---WIN IS EVERYTHING-every little option may one day make a difference. Most defense shootings are at very close range but if someone's got a hostage-gotta put it right t h e r e.....and with SA option-you can. Having said that-I do all my practice DAO---I'm old and slower and need the speed. Some of these Cowboy shooters can empty a Vaquero quicker than I can empty a M65-it's what you set your mind to.
I was never fast enough to cock either DA revolver or SA to suit me-I'm not a sports type(see pic) and the old bulls taught to cock the revolver in the suspect's face to settle him down-I knew that was crazy and swung the other way. First shot placement wins the war! In 8 years, never had to pop a cap on someone-lots of times close but I got the drop on them and they gave it up-I think lots of shoots now are not necessary-and these big-city boys with their spray&pray tactics-17 rounds and noone hit-I think something's wrong in the training program. There're some old cops on the street in Fort Worth(last time I was there) toting old blued Smith M19 4"---bet those boys know shot placement!
You need to write---everything you can remember about him--the way you tell it would sell--sounds like someone we all need to know-and he would be the first to say a real man is in his heart a man-not in what he knows, has, or does...though those things reflect it. You might like a book called Wild at Heart by John explains and defends against society and the school system trying to silence the man in our children and young men. If boys could grow up around a guy like your great-Uncle---what a different world it'd be!
Your local church library may have it-it was the best-seller in 2003. It also touches on the proper mindset of girls---our society is really doing a job on girls and boys-from Twiggy to whatsername-the current blonde...we have to fight for our kids-noone else will.
I just realized how far off topic I've gone-apologies are offered-I'm not very good at staying on topic but I'm working on it-so many interesting diversions. I'm learning.
In the last 44 years, I've seen innumerable men go for the full-sized revolver or auto-for CCW or whatever-then come round about to a 2" .38 of some description...I carried a bobbed M60 for backup and have now a M649 humpback-I can hit with it as easily as a full-sized gun and it's so comfortable to carry-I'd not choose it if I had but one but if I got stuck with just that I'd be fine-Smith outdid the other brands and they just shoot GOOD. It all comes down to placing shots and if we can-they DO.
Went out on Turkey Day at my brother's place-fired Glock .40 of my brothers-[xx(][xx(] Fired my 649 and my son's 3" Rossi .38 SS-hit better with his than my 649 that day----bouncing red shotgun shells off blocks at 35-40'--------my Sis brought her P95DC and outshot us ALL-she's plumb awesome-my 13-year-old wants to get a KP95DC-reckon so soon....I shot it pretty well, too...good ammo pretty much equals .38 2" or 3"---about as easy to conceal-much lighter than my M65 3"-and besides, I want one of those coooooool buttons from Max's human. Need to color my front sight on my M649-too fuzzy as is. Son hit as well DAO with my M649 as I did DAO with his 3"-my trigger's been smoothed up a bit...lots of fun-except for the Glock-just don't like the snap of the .40-hits but not much fun like the P95-glad I got him to buy it from me...he likes it fine-ramble over.
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