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Dial 911 on smokers?

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See a smoker in Omaha? Dial 9-1-1
Nebraska city imposes toughest enforcement policy in nation

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Actor Sean Penn could face trouble next time he's in Omaha

Omaha's tough new anti-smoking ordinance banning the practice in nearly all public places comes with an even tougher enforcement policy.

The Nebraska city's elected leaders and police department are urging residents who see violations to call the 9-1-1 emergency system for an immediate response.

Omaha banned smoking in public Oct. 2. Penalties are $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second and $500 for the third and subsequent infractions.

Teresa Negron, sergeant in charge of public information for the police, explained the department encourages observers of infractions to pick up the phone to report the infraction – just like they would for any other crime they observe being committed.

In the three weeks since the new smoking ban took effect, people have been observing the law, according to the city prosecutor.

The new smoking ban applies to bars that serve food and those that don't have keno licenses. Some bars have applied for keno licenses to keep their smokers happy, and a few decided to give up food instead of smoking.

The Mayor's Hot Line hasn't had any complaint calls, the 9-1-1 dispatch director said call volume related to smoking complaints has been "insignificant," and city prosecutor Marty Conboy said he hasn't had any citations cross his desk.

"We're very grateful people in the city have taken it seriously," Conboy told a local television station. "So far, we have not seen any reports or citations. And as near as I can tell, there have not been any arrests."

The local emergency coordinator and Omaha police don't agree over how residents should report illegal smoking after the city's smoking ban.

Douglas County Emergency director Mark Conrey said people should not call 9-1-1 every time they see someone light up in a restricted area. He said the very idea threatens Douglas County's emergency system.

But, even after Conrey's concerns, Omaha police insisted residents should use 9-1-1 to report smoking law violators.

The ban affects 97 percent of all Omaha businesses immediately and provides a five-year moratorium on enforcement across the board.
My comment: When did this cease to be America, the land of the free? I don't smoke, but this is just crazy!
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quote:Originally posted by gunman42782

My comment: When did this cease to be America, the land of the free? I don't smoke, but this is just crazy!
I do and I won't be visiting Omaha any time soon. It's only about 3 hours away.
No doubt about the liberals got control of the government in that town. I don't like someone blowing smoke in my face, but if I walk through a cloud going down the street I could care less. If I go into a beer joint I expect people to be smoking, and I could care less. I don't expect everybody to quit because I did. They got rights to.
We're slowly but surely losing it unless we can change things at the poll.
I don't smoke either except for an occasional seegar-but I'd rather them pass laws against other, more personal "emissions" in public places rather than smoke.
You're not prejudice of us bean eaters.... are you....
Now you've done it!
quote:Originally posted by white dog

We're slowly but surely losing it unless we can change things at the poll.
Never again .
There are elected lawmakers that are supposed to represent us and pursue our wishes, but instead, do what they think is best for us. You all know what that can do to a free country where the people are supposed to rule.
This all leads to not letting us be responsible for our actions. Let the government decide for us everything we do. Eventually we will get a summons if we go outside in less than 40 degree weather without our coats on.
Laws in this state require motorcycle helmets, automobile seat belts no smoking in public places or within 25 feet of an entrance and now, in the city of Kennewick Wa. we can't warm up our cars in the cold winter mornings to deice the wibdshields unless we are outside with them, even in our own driveway. They can give us a ticket for a violation. We never here of this until it becomes law. That is one h____ of a way to protect us from the criminals.
Well, I guess I am the only guy in favor of it.

I have bad asthma. Years ago in the 1990s, my ex wife and I tried to enjoy a meal at a restaurant on New Years Eve. We started eating, and then the smokers started. We ended up moving 4 times and ended up finishing the meal in the bar section.

I would like to go to bars or clubs and listen to music on occasion... Can't. Skipped tons of concerts over the years, although many concert venues are finally smoke free. It's not really a matter of choice for non smokers - because there really are NO bars/clubs, etc for people who do not smoke. It's not really a free market - because the bar owner won't make an entire place non smoking - because he wouldn't be able to compete with the places that do allow smoking.

My town has a no smoking ordinance at restraints. And, I am glad for it. Even in the "non smoking section," you get some of it. So, now the entire restaurant is no smoking. I am all for it.

Take it from a guy who KNOWs what it is like to not be able to breathe. Smokers are killing themselves. And, I think its a very stupid thing to do. Granted - it is a free society, but there are the associated medical costs that others must pic up the tab for when the emphysema kicks in.

So, no pity for the smokers on my part when it comes to these laws...

Just my 2 cents...
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I have smoked cigars in the past and very seldom now-my co-worker smokes heavily-and I have severe asthma-but don't react to cigarette smoke for some this is my unbiased observation---if I took a spray bottle and mixed the ingredients that are in ciggy smoke with water-or if I got the smoke canned somehow and sprayed someone with it-I would be legally charged with assault and found guilty...just like spray paint or mace. I don't see any difference when someone smokes around someone who doesn't smoke. I do, however, think that no-smoking areas are fine-and have eaten in restaurants with smokers nearby that I couldn't smell because the ventilation was right. People who choose to smoke should be allowed to do so-but should respect non-smokers and keep it to themselves-simple courtesy. The mayoress of D got all public building smoking banned-restaurants and bars included-I think that's stupid and has cost the city and the bars/restaurants millions of dollars-her personal vendetta against smokers...totally unfair and business foolish...just my little rant.
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+1 With Sheepdog. Even when I smoked I didn't want someone blowing smoke in my face while I was eating. When I go in a bar that's a different story because most people in there smoke and drink. Now to say they can't is more politcal BS.
+1 with Sheepdog and Baldy. The only places you can go into and smoke in this state are Indian casinos.
In NJ, you can't smoke in bars or restaurants anymore.
In my part of PA we can still smoke in restaurants and outside and in our homes and cars, hopefully this wont change anytime soon.
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