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Do you have a favorite scope for ya'lls long gun?

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I have Bushnell on both of mine. A Remington 7400 .270 with Bushnell 4-12X40 varible objective lens... I love it.
Also, I have a Winchester 94 Ranger 30-30 with Bushnell 3-9X40 fixed... Does the job.
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On my Ruger 77R .270, I have a Bushnell Scopechief VI 2.5-8X.

My Ruger 77RL .243 sports a Bushnell Banner 1.5-4X.

My Howa 1500 .223 has a Bushnell 4-12X AO.

Some folks have nothing good to say about Bushnell's, but they have been very satisfactory for me.

I have a Simmons 4X on my 10/22. And on another rifle I have a BSA Catseye.
I have Leupolds on most of the long guns.
I have Burris or Leupolds on all my hi-powers. My big game guns have 2-7X or 3-9X Burris scopes. My varment and target guns have a Burris 3.5-10X or 4.5-14X Leupolds. I spent more money on many of my scopes than I did on the guns that wear them.

On my M77, MKII, SS, 30-06 pic here:

I have a 3x9x40mm Burris Fullfield II with Ballistic Plex Retical:

Zero'd at 100, the next graduation down is 200, then 300, then 400, then 500 yards. I think this is the perfect combination for my 30-06 rifle [8D]
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I've always used Leupold...that is until the last 2 rifles I bought. These wear Bushnell 3200 2x7 scopes and I'm very pleased with them.
I have one of the early Simmons Aetec that I like alot. The others are various others. On my new #1 I put a Bushnell Elite 3200 that may cause me to get others just like it.
Burris Fullfield II Ballistic Plex Illuminated Reticle 3-9X40 on my RRA AR-15.
Love it, great scope.

Mueller APV 4.5–14×40 AO on my Ruger All Weather 77/22. Very impressed with this scope for the money.
I have a Simmons Whitetail Hunter that I like.
My centerfire hunting rifles have either 1.5-5x or 2-7x on them (243 through 338), my varmint guns have 6-18x (223, 22-250) for those long shots at small animals. :D My 22's are have either iron sights or 2 1/2x scopes.
Have a Leupold Rifleman 3-9x40 on mine now.It's good but I wish I'd have kept my 3-9x40 Nikon Pro Staff instead,it was better.
I used to have a Bushnell 5-15 3200 Elite on my Savage 12FV in .223.

While on a prairie dog shoot, I dropped it and bent the tube. This was In Lemon, SD and there are not too many places to shop, so I went to a gunsmith’s house where he ran his business out of the basement and bought what I thought was a temporary replacement, a BSA 6-24x50, used for $75.00

He mounted it and bore-sighted it for me and we took it to a range in town to zero, and it was good to go.

Went out the next day and made dozens of kills at around 300 yards, a couple dozen kills at 550 yards, one at 680 and another at 685 yards.

The Savage still wears the BSA.
Wow thats good shootin.Dont fix what aint broke.
I don;t have a brand name I favor over all others but I do have a style. On my Min-14 and Miini-30 I like shotgun scopes with a circle or diamond in the center, 1.5-5 or 6 X32. These seem to work best for me on these rifles.
I had a Tasco 3-12 on my 77R and it was not as clear as I like. I have a Burris 6-24 Signature on my Varmint rifle and it is a good scope. i just got a Nikon Buckmaster SF 4.5-14 and am astonished at the clarity of the optics. It is now on my 77R .270 Win. We will see how it does.
Having had many Leupolds, Weavers, and Redfields over the years, my favorites today in order of preference are:
1) Zeiss Conquest
2) Nikon Monarchs
3) Bushnell Elites 4800
4) Leupold VIII
5) Mueller Eraticator
you have very expensive taste but I agree with you some day I am going have one of those fine Zeiss scopes
+1 for the Burris 3x9.
I'm kinda surprised that no one's mentioned Weaver scopes. For the money, and with my eyesight, dollar for dollar I'm just as happy with my Weavers as I am with my Leupolds. I also like the Nikon Monarchs and the Buckmasters. I have a varmint scope sold by Smith & Wesson that has been discontinued, not the best scope but works well on my .223. No Burris, Simmons ot Bushnells, but do have a couple of Tascos on hand as back ups. Can't say that I have a definite favorite, as they all do the job. I have never had a scope fail on me. Guess I've been lucky over the years...

Peace and God bless, Wolfsong.
The Leupold Vari-X II that's on my 10/22 is the best of 'em all by far. The optical quality is crystal clear, has a superior field of view, is relatively parallax free over much of it's range, and light transmission is far above the rest.
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