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One day Bob called into a popular radio talk show that promised to be able to fix any problem that a caller might have.

[Doctor Fix-It] Next caller is Bob. OK Bob, you're on the air!

[Bob - in a whisper] Hey Doc, I gotta a real problem here. It's tearing me up inside.

[Doctor Fix-It] Bob why are you whispering?

[Bob - in a whisper] Right now I'm crouched down hiding between my gun bench and my boat in the garage.

[Doctor Fix-It] Wow Bob! What's going on? What's your problem?

[Bob - in a whisper] Well I came home early today and was looking at my boat when I heard my wife come into the garage. Point is, she didn't come in alone. She's got that hard body young gardener with her and they are going at it hot and heavy right now as we are speaking.

[Doctor Fix-It - cautiuosly says] Now Bob can I ask you an important question? You don't have any guns sitting handy on your gun bench do you?

[Bob - in a whisper] Oh sure I do Doc. Heck I've got half a dozen loaded guns sitting right next to me.

[Doctor Fix-It - somewhat panicked] Now Bob, take it easy. You don't want to do anything rash. If you shoot your somebody you'll regret it forever.

[Bob - in a whisper] Doc, that's not my problem. While I've been kneeling down here behind my boat, I've noticed that I've got about a 6 inch scratch in the hull. Can you please tell me how I can buff that out?

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