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Does Size Matter

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Actor Leslie Nielsen was a dramatic actor and wanted to break into comedy but was type cast as a dramatic actor. He came to a business meeting with movie executives and put a woopie cushion under his seat and acted like nothing was happening. He had the executives in tears and was cast for the movie Airplane.
I luv great trivia! :cool: Whoopee cushions are just so stupid.
Does Size Matter

You didn't say if you think size matters......:rolleyes:
I'm not touching this with a 10ft pole. :cool:
10 foot pole... yep, size matters.
If I'm fishing and the dock is not long enough to reach the water depth where the fish are, you bet I'm going to want the longest pole that I can find! So Bearcatter, size does matter! :rolleyes::p:D;)
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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