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A man was driving down the road and saw a sign that said talking dog for sale $10, so he stooped to check it out.

He went up to the house to ask about the dog and the owner said sure come on he's out back. When he got to the back yard there was a black lab in a kennel. the owner said I'll be right back you go ahead. the potential buyer looked at the dog and finally asked, well you can talk? the dog sat up and said well yes I can. Amazed the buyer asked well how did you get here? the dog said well I'm actually retired from government service. It all started out when I was a seeing eye dog and they found out I could talk. Then I went to work for the CIA. They would place me next to someone they thought was a spy and I would listen in to see what they were saying. Then when the office of Homeland Security was established I went to work for the doing basically the same thing in airports.

The buyer said oh I see and walked to the front of the house where the seller was sitting on the front porch. He asked seller, why do you want to sell that dog anyway? The owner said cause I'm tired of all his crap. He's a liar, he never did all that stuff.
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