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Don't Kick The Animals

There was a boy who lived ona farm with his parents. Every morning his mother would fix him a big breakfast of bacon and eggs with a big glass of milk.

This morning his mom told him to go and feed the animals and mlk the cow before breakfast,and he asked his mom why? She say just go do it. He walked outside and saw the chicken on the steps so he kicked it. Then he saw the pig and kicked it. Then he walked up to the cow and kicked it and walked back inside the house on the table there was only a bowl of cereal without any milk in it.

He asked his mom where is my big breakfast you said you would make for me? She told him I saw you kick the chicken, the pig and the cow so for three weeks you do not get any bacon,eggs or milk.

Then his Dad came walking down the steps from upstairs and the cat was laying on the bottom step so the Dad kicks it off the step. The son turns to his mom and said do you want me to tell him or you going to do it?

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