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My son and I had our long anticipated dove hunt yesterday in what would likely have been a pretty nice dove field in Arcadia, FL. Unfortunately the passing of Hurricane Sandy left us with winds blowing 25mph+ and what few doves ventured out went screaming by like a formation of F-14s. Low and fast and too much for our limited abilities. Sigh.

We tried to bring a down a few and we both went through a half box of dove loads in the effort but there was no way we could get the lead on these birds. I can still hear them - I didn't know doves could laugh like that....

Still, it was a nice day despite the wind and if you're going sit on a bucket in an old orange grove in Florida for six hours at least it wasn't hot, muggy and buggy. We had a good time, some good conversation and got to greak out the Red Labels in the field. Wish I had photos to brag about all the birds we shot but not this time.

Still beats a day spent doing just about anything else!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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