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Early Risers (Coffee Shop) Part 6

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<center>Welcome to the Coffee Shop... Come on in and sit a spell... and enjoy a friendly cup of coffee...
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Mornin guys havent been in for coffee in the morning for awhile,Please pass a cup! If it warms up abit more Im off to the range as long as the 4x4 can get through the snow! Gonna take the GP100 out and try some loads I rolled up last night!
Hey guys, a little late this morning. Its been bloody cold here the past few days, had a blizzard the other day. It was -42 F with the 60 mile an hour winds, zero visibility, and got over a foot of snow. This year to date we have already had over 4 feet of snow. The blizzard is gone but still -41 F out right now, not alot of people out and about. I have had the wood stoves burning for the last 4 days, its cold chopping the wood but hey thats life. If theres any hot coffee left, please pass me a cup!
Good morning guys, please pass the coffee!
Morning guys! Please pass the coffee, gonna be slow going today, Didnt get much sleep last night, or the night before, some im pretty dead to the world today. Not looking forward to work today!
Morning guys, I hear ya rman Im getting sick of this cold too! I need to move, think Baldys got enough room for us lol! Please pass the coffee I need something warm! Trying to fight off a cold again, worked yesterday but today I took the day off as I feel too crummy.
Morning guys, still abit sick with the flu, and now my boys got it! Trying to figure out whos staying home with him.
quote:Originally posted by 2400

Morning boys, coffee please Molly. It's a balmy 12* here right now.
Its nice to see that Up here is not the coldest, its warmed up the past couple of days which is nice! No offense to you 2400 :DLooks like Im home for the day, My whole familiy is sick, the wife just has the flu starting today, but shes not feeling too bad yet, I have been sick with it a couple of days (still feel like junk) and the boys got it full blown feeling really sick. So him and I are home for the day. Gonna sleep abit this morning, then watch some Cowboy Westerns!
Thanks Calvin! Theres alot of the Flu going around right now up here, It seems everyone I run into is sick! Pretty hard to avoid it.
quote:Originally posted by RNettles

Well I'm back from the dentist... 25 minutes to numb, 20 seconds to extract. Good dentist.:D
Thanks for reminding me what im in for on Monday:( Well if this flu doesnt break might have to put it off for a few days!:D
Kansas45 congrats, on the new grand daughter. Now go out and buy her a Bearcat for when she is older!
1 - 10 of 544 Posts
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