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Early Risers (Coffee Shop) Pt II

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Good morning ! from Indiana. :D

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What a wonderful surprise!!!Where did you find that? I had to park my old truck 'round the back-just didn't fit in with that magnificent herd.Bill, you sure saved me lots of scrapin' and paintin' by finding us this fine place.
We need a fresh start-but it wasn't the compooter-the landlord was mad enough that Rman stripped the towel rack and TP holder out of the mens' room for his new bathroom-but when he saw the hole in the new Booth that RP's seegar burned-that was the last straw. Had to retire the dancing waitress-the ceiling's too low in here-and now everyone can have their own jukebox!!!! I've eaten many a meal in one of these-the Congress Street Diner in Bradford, Pa. was our favorite greasy spoon-after the war, lots of railroad cars and streetcars went this way-I'd drive a long way to eat in one again-this is so neat! You guys keep on classing us up-we'll have to wear jackets to breakfast-please pass the pota---I mean the scrambled eggs!!
Dig in-we don't wait on anyone 'round here-those schemers may sleep in-they were up late planning this surprise.
They'd be safe at MY house-think of the money you'd save---I'd let you have one at a time-just like a lending library.
RNettles...some days we went pretty far.............with the old thread...we're in a classy joint now-I'll expect better-not much better, though---you know how we are.
+1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gives a whole new meaning to falling on one's own sword.
LOOKY SEE WHY THE ROOSTER CROWED THIS MORNIN'!!!! there's a wakeup!!!! Oh, Bill-I just noticed-the eggs are perfect this morning----yes they complaints at all. Bet RP never even NOTICES his red donut this morning.
No, ma'am, I don't know where everyone else is this fine morning-yes,ma'am, I would like a warmup-sit right here.........
Now let me tell ya' bout these other guys-RP's ok, once you get past those raunchy seegars he smokes-Calvin and WhiteDog are perfect gentlemen-Rman-well the only tip you'll ever get from him is Fancy Prancer in the third race.....RNettles and Keith Smith-well, come a little closer, I'll have to whisper it in your ear-now that's better-now what was I saying........................
Oh, no, ma'm, don't get up-I LOVE cold coffee-you just sit right there and relax-now your grandmother said what at your last birthday party?...................(Don't show up this mornin'---don't show up this mornin''')
It DID-haven't been so wide awake since 1993-I knew you guys would start showin' up, though...........nuts.
Look just left of lovely and you'll see the donuts-hard to re-focus, I know.
He won't spot if till at least 2pm-his eyes're gonna be more glazed over than the donuts when he sees the lovely waitress OUR FRIEND BILL hired for us...I'm thinkin' 'bout taking up a collection to get him a Christmas present.
Wish RNettles would check in-I need help-tryin' to figure how to raise the ceiling up high enough so she can dance on the tables for us-kinda hard in this place...
Bet everyone notices the spring in your step-wonderful what a good, warm breakfast will do for you.
I got up and dragged myself-the sermon gave me lots more to think about than a pretty waitress, too----I think our wives have a secret number to tell the preacher what to preach on-it's a conspiracy!!
Yeah Boy I was in church and didn't think about her once while I was gettin' lined out for the week-but look again-that picture's old enough she could have been my boyhood bud's older sister-glad he posted that instead of a current pic. You just need to GITBACK and eat that old red donut of yours-and clean your specs...I bet those ladies in your church do the math AFTER lunch-it'd been cheaper to hire a contractor AND his lawyer than to feed you!!
Uh-oh-showing my age this morning-actually focused on the breakfast steak FIRST. Thanks, Bill---and tell RP the date on the back of that pic.
Good Mornin' WhiteDog!!! Coffee's great this mornin'---heavy rain outside---reckon it's a close-to-home kinda day...Now that Rman's doin' his own plumbin', not much work!!! I coulda set that toidy for him for, oh, let's say---a P97 and a P95. That's guaranteed to make him choke on his coffee!
Being totally serious for once-the older I get-a smile or a hand on my shoulder mean more to me now than anything I can remember back when-once you find out where you belong-the rest is just scenery.
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