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Early Risers (Coffee Shop) Pt II

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Good morning ! from Indiana. :D

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The red Corvette convertible on the far left is mine! :D Nice picture Bill! You should keep a .50 caliber slingshot handy and smack ole sheepdog when he tries to get his grubby paws on my red donut!

Alright, sheepdog!!! Wheres my red donut?!?!? ~chomping on an early morning ceegar~

I'm heading out to shop for a gun safe today. Laters!
Today was Sunday. I don't eat breakfast on Sunday mornings until after church. Then its off to brunch or dinner. Depending on which sweet little lady invites me out. I've done lots of favors and odd jobs for many of them and refuse payment, but will let them buy me breakfast/lunch/dinner just so they don't feel offended at my not taking their money.

Soooo... whoever wants the red donut on Sunday is welcome to it. I won't haul out my .50 caliber slingshot. :D

Sheepdog, You shoulda been in church and not makin' goo-goo eyes at a waitress young enuff ta be yer daughter!! [8D]
rman, Sorry to hear of your loss. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.
quote:Originally posted by rman

I know there are LEO's and former LEO's in this forum. I'm a former, but have been advised that it would be a conflict of interest for me to do my own investigation. I'd like to report a theft. I sat down to have my breakfast that 2400 so graciously bought for me at the world famous Ruger Forum Cafe at approximately 7:00 a.m. on 10/17/06. I proceeded to the Mens room to wash my hands and upon my return, I observed that my blueberry pancakes had been taken by an unknown subject(s). Because I was not a witness to this crime, I can only relay my observations. I am fairly certain that I saw the subject (whom I believe to be Sheepdog) fleeing the scene. Ordinarily this would not have seemed unusual as this subject often runs around with no apparent destination in mind. (Sometimes he is a little confused.) The subject also has actually alluded to the fact that he was the perpretrator to others on this forum. (Again, sometimes he gets a little confused.) What aroused my suspicions was the fact that his cheeks seemed to be bulging like a chipmunk with a mouth full of acorns. I would appreciate it if some of you who were present this morning would come forward with any information you might have.

Some indiscretions are acceptable among friends, however absconding with ones blueberry pancakes in not one of them. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Rman, Sounds like the same individual that I suspect and am fairly certain has been stealing my red donut.

Sun is back today. But sounds like the highs will be in the upper 60's for a few days.
G'mawnin', fellas! I see ole Sheepdip done got my red donut again. Or is it that new cook guy, Bill? He not gettin' my order right or sumthang? :(

Was up really early dis mawnin' so decided to head out of town and cruise the backroads.

Lo and b'hold! As it was gittin' daylight out, spied a coyote slinkin' along a tree line in a cow pasture.

Hauled out me .223 real quick like n' got a bead on that puppy and whacked him a good 'un! :D

Now I'm hungry... Bill, serve up some bacon n' eggs... over easy and a douple helpin' of hash browns!
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Good job, RP----what kind of .223? I'd love to live where I could shoot-I'd stay out all you're ready to chow down now-no red donuts on the plate-I was here when he brought 'em and I've been faithfully standing guard over the donut plate....
I've got a CZ-527 American. What I like about this rifle is the single set trigger. Just set that trigger... and breathe on it.... KABOOM! Also, it has a shorter action than the "small actions" we're used to seeing from RugRemchester. This one I'd call a "mini action". Its just big enough for the family of .222/.223/.22 Hornet class of cartridges. AND, I know alot of guys don't like detachable magazines, but I like this one because I can just remove the thing without fumbling with individual cartridges.

Heres a link,

Yup, Sheepdog... I just walk out my lady friend's back door and there is my shootin' range.

Was shootin' my recently acquired .357 OM Blackhawk the other day. Mannnnn I've been shootin' da wrong model all deese here years! No more NM's for dis ole boy! I'm an OM convert now! :D
Yep, its got a BSA Catseye scope on it now. Not the fanciest scope, it came as part of a package deal on another different .223 rifle. But it seems to work OK.

I want to get a 2-7X32 scope for it. A lighter scope with a smaller objective. This is a trim, light weight little rifle. Its handy for packin' around in my small pickup. So don't really want one of them big 40 or 50mm objectives. Them big scopes ain't all they cracked up to be anyway.

Considering a Luepold, Weaver or a Browning. Just wish I knew who makes the Browning scope.
quote:Originally posted by rman

Great way to start out the day RP. By the way, I guess you know that Sheepdog has a little 'syndrome' going, so best you have your red donut delivered to the house. Letting Sheepdog guard the donut plate is like letting an old codger like me guard the dressing room at the Miss America Contest. We've pretty well accepted that he does have a problem, but that doesn't make the food stay around any longer.:D:D
Tom, Yeah, been readin' about his problem here dis mawnin'. Consulted my encylopidia... the old Farmers Almanac... he'd jest better watch out.

Besides, mah lady friend looks out after me purty good, she'd take after him wiff her fryin' pan if'n he ain't careful! ;)
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Could we expect some pictures of some pretty leaves turning? here in my part of Texas the trees wear sunglasses-not leaves...sure miss the fall.
Aww... poor sheepdog! :( If only you would come to yer senses and move to Oklahoma. Ok, here is a picture to cure your ills. Located around the corner about 4 blocks from my place. :)

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Bill, Them eggs n' bacon with toast looks good. Dish it up with a side order of golden hash browns. :D ~keeping a wary eye on sheepdog~
quote:Originally posted by rman

quote:Originally posted by Ruger Packer

Bill, Them eggs n' bacon with toast looks good. Dish it up with a side order of golden hash browns. :D ~keeping a wary eye on sheepdog~
Now, Now RP.... Old Sheep dog claims he has seen the light! Surely we can trust him, right? [8)]
Depends on what "light" he seen! He probably seen the "light" in that waitresses eyes for all we know! [:0]
quote:Originally posted by rman

Got to try to get some work done. I'm on an interview team this afternoon. Last fella that worked in the cube next to me saw all my targets and gun pictures on my walls and decided he really liked another state agency better than this one. Go figure.
Tom, How abouts I send you my resume? I have 18+ years in the info tech field with the state of Wisconsin. Last position title was Management Info Tech 3.

Your pics of guns and targets wouldn't bother me one lil bit! No sir! I'd just pin up some of my own and we can discuss 'em over coffee n' breakfast. :)

After all, two sets of eyes should be able to guard the henhouse and keep that mangy ole dog run off. [8D]
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

ONE tree?????I'm supposed to move over ONE tree????? It does help a little, though, thanks for trying.
Quit yer complainin'! You wanted color and ya got it! Just give it a week and suddenly the countryside will explode with color.

Seems I recall giving you a tip a couple years ago. About 150 miles north and a bit east of Dallas in SE Okla is Winding Stair Mountains... find state highway 1 on your road map on top of the mountains is Talihina Drive. Give it another 10 days... take a drive over this. You won't want to leave. :)

Am sure Calvin will agree!
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Careful, Tom-RP's tryin' to get closer to your Rugers-----but that explains whey he'd invite me to move to OK---he's plannin' to skedaddle.
Yeah! Right! I'm a wheelgun guy. Why would I want a semmeauto?!?! I don't shoot fast n' furious... I shoot slow and deliberate! And I generally hit what I'm a aimin' at![8D]

And I don't want no Smiff & Wettone either! (BTW, glad you done seen da light on that one and are lookin' for a Ruger!) :D
[}:)] ~silently slips into cafe, heads directly to Sheepdawg's usual place... using duct tape fastens voice activated tape recorder under his seat... chuckles to self... and leaves same way as he came in...
quote:Originally posted by sheepdog

Last time I saw hair that bad was when we got RP the electric razor for his birfday and forgot to tell him not to shave in the shower...
~quitely unlimbering my sling shot...~

You want me to pop you one with a .50 caliber lead ball?!?! You best git yerself off to church this mornin'! Thats where I'm headin' here in a few minutes...

Oh yeah... the waitress... well never mind. I don't wanna say anything that'll hurt her feelings... ~shakes head thinking about that ugggggggggggggly hair~
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