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Engraved Ruger

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Thought I would share pictures of my new Blackhawk. Engraving done by Gouse Freelance, grips are by Cary Chapman American Holley

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quit bringing this thread back up!! I was on the fence but seeing it again is pushing me over....

Could you please email me the engravers contact info
[email protected]
The engraver did a truly amazing job. I had to look him up after seeing the pictures you posted. This is becoming a lost art as less people are doing custom work. I suspect in probably 20 years this trade of engraving by hand will be so uncommon that guns like this will go up in value.

Here's his site for those interested:
About | Gouse Freelance Firearms Engraving - Gun Engraver Pistol Shotgun Rifle
Could you please email me the engravers contact info
[email protected]
Seven year old thread.
The OP hasn't been here since 2009.....
Very nice, I've got a Colt Gold Cup National Match 70 Series, I believe I'm gonna send him that to do a job on it. Thanks for sharing.:D
I don't think $450 is a lot of money for an exquisite job like that....where are you going to get a revolver that looks that great for a little over a G-note???...Beautiful!;)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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