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hey all, i'd put this in the ammo forum, but i'm really not sure if it's an ammo issue per se, or something with my remington....

so i went to the range just a little while ago and did a couple rounds of trap. wind was blowing crosswise to high heaven, which sure didn't help my score, but the other thing that got annoying and probably took a toll on my concentration was that about every third or fourth shell failed to extract. never had that happen before. granted, i've only put a couple hundred rounds thru this shotgun, but never had a single one before, and i'm pretty picky about keeping things clean. the range guy said he'd been hearing people complain about a bunch of bad stuff coming out of federal the past month or so. anybody else heard of this, or do i possibly have an actual extractor issue??

p.s. my results today were horrendous with the wind. never shot with a 20-25 mph crosswind before. the first round was so bad i don't think i even got into double digits. second round was better as i figured out how to compensate for the wind in each direction. got 16 of those, but even that round was a bit frustrating.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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