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Field Stripping

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Is there any web page that gives a blow by blow (no pun intended) look on how to field strip a Ruger P95? [?]
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quote:Originally posted by chapulincolorado


I guess I should have added I am more of a visual guy. I have the manual and able to disassemble, I am just not clear on the proper reassembly of the gun. Need something with pictures on reassembly.
ChCol, If you want "visual" then the Assembly/Disassembly series of books by "J.B. Wood" are just the "ticket" you are looking for. Get the latest "versions". They come in a series of 7 books. 1. Automatic Pistols 2nd Edition, 2. Revolvers 2nd Edition, 3. Rimfire Rifles "New" Edition, 4. Centerfire Rifles 2nd Edition, 5. Shotguns 2nd Edition, 6. Sporting Rifle Takedown 2nd Edition, and Law Enforcement Edition. If you want to "take guns apart", you will never find any better reference material than "any" of the J.B. Wood books!..........................Dick
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