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Finally made it in

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Howdy all... Finally had a chance to stop by!

Looks like a nice place :)
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Hey, I've been missing you. Sure glad you made it. Think our paths have been crossing on some of the other boards, but visit here any time. :D
Welcome to the Forum... Pull up a chair and sit a spell... Glad to see ya here, enjoy!
Thanks :)

1 suggestion... Unless I am just not seeing it... On the main page, you should have a link to bring up new posts since a person's last visit :)
At the bottom of the front screen, active topics at the bottom of page in statistics.
Howdy ShipWreck!
Ok, I see it - It might be a little easier for people to find if ya dropped a link up at the top... Just a suggestion... Sorry if I'm being too pushy :)
You're not too pushy. We welcome all suggestions to make this a better place to hang out, even though some of them might not be possible to do. I didn't know there was a link also in the upper right hand corner to active topics until RNettles pointed it out. My wife always said that if she wanted to hide something from me, she put it in plain sight right in front of me. Guess she's right. :)
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