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Firing Pin Block Plunger

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The P97D and P95DPR are very similar in design...

On my pistol, if you remove the extractor and the right hand decock lever from the slide, it exposes the firing pin block plunger cavity... and another spot to clean every so often...

...right in front of the decocker lever, in the slide channel. You may want to have a look see... It may reveal gunk, crud or burr...
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Exactly correct. On my P345 I actually had a small burr on the top of the firing pin block that I dressed so it wouldn't become a problem. On my well used P95 it was loaded with crud from years of use. It's a hidden spot that needs to be checked from time to time.
Had a problem with my P97 at about the 1800 rd mark. Crud buildup in the firing pin block along with some less that perfect reloads ruined a part of a day at the range and since it's my everyday carry gun made it even worse. With suggestions from Iowegan and RNettles got mine cleaned up and going again.
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