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"Outdoor Expo week starts 8/13/2014 and runs through 8/20/2014.
Saturday Only Items (8/16/14). Be sure to stop by the store on Saturday for our Outdoor Expo. Lockeford Meats will be cooking, 105.9 The Bull will be broadcasting We will have reps from your favorite brands, and we will be having a raffle with some fantastic prizes."

A LGS, Outdoor Sportsman of Stockton, CA, is currently holding their first ever Outdoor Expo. Doors opened at 9am today and first 300 customers get a free hat. When I arrived at about 9:15am, there was already a huge crowd, manufacturers' booths were busy, The Bull's broadcasting country music, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
In spite of the crowd, the LGS staff looked calm and helpful as usual. This is my favorite LGS and I already bought three guns from them in the past.

A little after 10am, a guy walked over to the gun counter with a receipt---he just won the first raffle of the day, I heard it was a rifle but couldn't get any more specific than that.

A customer next to me was patiently waiting for his turn to get help and when he did, he showed the clerk a Ruger P95 which he's trying to sell. The store clerk suggested that it can possibly be sold between $350 and $400. Unfortunately for him, he needed the money today and he didn't want to put it on consignment.

I bought a Blackhawk ambi inside the pocket holster, couple boxes of .17HMR ammo, and the local favorite Lockeford sausage.

By the way, I bought the ammo because I also bought a Savage 93R17 which I will pick up in 10 days :)
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