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So I finally made it to the range with my Taurus TX22 and my Keltec KS7.

I'll start with the TX22. I fired 322 rounds out of it (222 Winchester high velocity, 100 CCI Standard). I have three magazines, one of which has a Galloway Precision extended floor plate. With CCI Standard I had one premature slide kickback on round number 20 with the extended floor plate (last round in the mag). This was the only "stoppage" that wasn't my fault. I did find out that if you push the follower all the way down and then drop in all 16 or 20 rounds you will get rim lock and have feed issues- load one at a time (like you do a centerfire semiauto) and have no issues. I was using a 10" steel gong at 20 yards and could put every round of the magazine on it, and only occasionally missed an 8" gong at 25 yards when I tried it. The TX22 won't compete with the Mark IVs and SW22s and such, but at $200 after rebate (and I've seen it cheaper since I bought it) I would highly recommend for an all round fun 22 that handles and shoots like a full size. Did I mention I can fit 20 rounds in the extended mag and 16 in the standards? And it cycled both standard velocity and high velocity just fine?

Next up is the Keltec KS7. I was going to wait for prices to come down, but ended up getting the Davidson's exclusive titanium cerakote model for $459, no tax and free shipping from Keelys Arms. I really liked how the gun felt, and kind of dug the funky looks. Shooting was a mixed bag, so I'll start with the bad: the carry handle sight sucks for me. Maybe I have fat cheekbones or something, but I couldn't comfortably or repeatedly get a good enough sight picture to hit the 10" gong at 20 yards using the sight- it should be a little taller. I've ordered a rail and am going to put a See-All sight I have on instead. The first mag tube I loaded was some very old 12 gauge buckshot that was probably close to my age that I cleaned out of a drawer at my parents, two of the seven in the first load didn't fire, one wouldn't even fire on a second strike. Once I put in newer ammo I had no issues, feeding and ejecting had no hangups. Ran about 20 rounds of 2 3/4" buckshot and 20 rounds of 1 3/4" buckshot (Federal Shorty rounds). Holds 11 of the Shorties in the tube. I'm going to hold out judgement on whether I'd recommend the KS7 till I get a few more rounds through, see how it handles slugs, patterns, etc.


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