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[:eek:)] Back again with a question about flashligths. What in your opinion would be a good or the best flashlight to carry on your belt? One that would holded up in the weather and from abuse. A small one now, not one like a duty Officer would carry.[:eek:)][?][:eek:)]
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Carried a Surefire E2 for two years-Streamlight has two small ones-one rechargeable that will take the hair off a coconut but they're light and strong---Stinger and Strion, I believe-look at the Streamlight website-they're worth the $$$---lights are often overlooked but we gotta see it to shoot it...small nylon holsters make them concealable, too.
I just use a mini-mag-lite, comes with a belt holster... not as good as a Streamlight... but cost a lot less too!
Yep, RNettles, and HDep is now carrying a 3Cell LED model for under $20 that gives more light than a 2Cell regular-been using one at work for a couple weeks-worth the $20-batts and bulb last longer. In a defense situation, I kinda like to have something that'll make them lose their night vision-I bought the first 20,000 CP light available from Streamlight in the 70's-you could warm your hands on it...those two small ones I recommended put out 5-7 times as much light as a Mag for not much more size/weight-but you pay 40-80 or so for them-once.They not only let you see someone-they keep him from seeing you for a few seconds-while you can clearly see his hands...I prefer a hand-held light to a gun-mounted one-I can illuminate instead of assault while I assess the situation.
Thanks Sheepdog I thought you might have the answer for me. I'll check them all out. See what I come up with.
This is what I use, not the exact one but you get the picture.

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Aszor, I have one of those in black that I often carry. Once, it managed to get switched on while in my pants pocket. Well, you've heard the song about "Chet's nuts roasting on a open fire"? I'm not Chet but I sure can sympathize with him. Those things do put out an amazing amount of heat. They also are bright enough to carry the distance for self-defense.

When the P-345 first came out, I bought one thinking the rail mount would be great for a light or laser. I soon learned the fallacy. First, you have to point your gun at what ever you want to illuminate. This could be a "friendly" or something else you don't intend to shoot. Second, try holstering a gun with a rail mounted light. Not impossible but it nearly destroys the concealability of the gun, makes it hard to draw, and in general makes a clumsy package.

I'm with sheepdog and would rather carry the light separately.
Iowegan's into the eggnog!!!!LMAO!!!!!
Naw, just my normal warped sense of humor.
I'm new here and I'm putting in my $0.02.... Sure Fire is the best I think.
Personally, I use the Pelican M3 2370 on duty. It comes with it's own case and has a pouch for 3 batts on the case.
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LED or regular bulb? Rechargeable? I gave my Surefire E2 to a young trooper here recently and I'll bet that 3-cell puts out more light. Nylon or leather case? Using a 2-cell Brinkman now-not as happy with it---Surefire sells 12-packs of the batteries cheaper than anyone I've found anywhere...
If you don't want to spend a lot, but need a really bright light for that specicial occasion, trt the Brinkman at WallyWorld - about $20. It's a 6v zenon.
I have a small 2AA Mini-Mag, but I never carry it. I carry a 6 D-Cell Mag-Lite just on the inside of the drivers door.
Sorry for the delay, sheepdog. It is an led and yes, it does put out some light. I made friends with Pelican's sales rep for military and law enforcement. He sent me one to "field test" for an undetermined and extremely extended length of time.
Whatadeal!!!! When I was a young buck I got that kind of relationship with Col. Jack Cannon, inventer of Glaser Safety Slugs- those deals sure are sweet when they come along!!! I'm gonna research the Pelican-they've always had good light ideas...thanks!!
Thought I would revive this thread and see if there is any new ideas. I'm going to buy a small light to carry in a pouch on my belt. At night a gun without a light is not of much use unless you are under street lights or bright moon.
Streamlight Strion and another small one are brighter than a 4D cell light with a more sharp light...I'd say not LED...the bulb's forever but I want to blind 'em...several are just over palm size....look at the Streamlight site...Stinger is about the size of a 3C but I carry a small one that runs off 2 1.5V lithium batteries and will blind you-it's about 5" long...
I keep a Streamlight Scorpion on me at all times. It also uses 2 lithium batteries and will blind you.
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