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I have a lot of Lake City m855 and ss109 ammo. Some of it is in cases that are no good, but the bullets are perfectly fine. Rounds were left in stripper clips in less that optimal conditions. They have some good dents, crust, etc. But.........

If you want to reload m855 bullets in 556 cases, or 223, this is a good way to go.

I plan on keepin some to use in 223 cases in my Savage 10FP.

This round was created to enhance penetration at 600m from the m16 family. Its has its limits, and we know what they are. This is a great fecal matter hitting the oscillator bullet.

This is 1/4" welding plate. Shot it between 75 and 100yds, rapid fire, with my Mini-14. 4 mag dump.

So these bullets are pulled with an RCBS Colette puller, and tumbled in walnut media. Bullets do lose the green tip color. Done about 1000rds for a few members already.

quantity and price

100rds - $18 shipped
250rds - $38 shipped
500rds - $78 shipped
1000rds - $140 shipped

I will need a couple days lead time to pull them.

This is for the bullets only, no complete rounds will be sold.

I have about 1500 left


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