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Hello all!

New member here, with the first of many (I hope!) posts.

Here’s another option for great aftermarket front sights for the Ruger SP101’s – from Gemini Custom.

When I ordered these last fall, Mark, the owner of Gemini, said he was really busy after just coming back from the Shot Show. (Around here, it’s a great sign that a contractor/business is busy!) But he made a commitment to make up a batch of sights as soon as he could. They showed up at my door just 1.5 weeks after I placed the order. Can't beat that for service -- and the quality is top notch!

Here's a BEFORE picture of my two Ruger SP101's, the 3 inch .357 on left and the 4 inch .22 LR on right. Functional, but plain sights, right?!?

Well here's the AFTER view, with the Magnum on left (now known as my “Lady in Red”) and her little brother on right:

For more info, you can contact Mark directly at (502) 226-1230, or check out the sights and other awesome gunsmithing work he does on his website at

I am really pleased with the fit, finish and overall quality of these sights, but especially in how they look -- and point! The installation was really easy too. You do need to drill a 1/16 inch hole in the sight body, but just follow the easy instructions and you'll have it licked in no time. Here’s what the sights look like when they arrived:

By the way, other than being a very satisfied customer, I have no connections to Gemini Custom.

Tight groups!

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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