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Front site white dot

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The white dot on my front site on my KP95PR15 is fading and it is hard to see the site with a dark target. I'm looking to see what others have done to renew their dot. Is it as easy as just getting a certain white paint and repainting the dot or have you found something that works better? Thanks
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I was having the same problem with the white dots getting dirty looking & harder to see. This was on my XD45 Tactical. I shoot it in Bullseye competition in Wichita. Plus it sees it's share of range & plinking time. I bought a bottle of fluorsent green model car paint & a bottle of fluorsent orange. First I painted the front dot orange & the rear one's green. I tried it out Monday night & I liked the sights much better but I couldnt seem to pick up the orange front sight as well as the green rear sight dots. So I painted the front one green & left the rear ones green. For me, this is a lot better. Don't know why I didn't think of this earlier. I can see a green golf ball much better than a white one so I guess it makes sense that gun sights would work the same way. I just got done doing the dots on my P89 & PT1911. I'll get around to the other pistols before I take them out. It's just that these get the most use.
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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